Doctor Dolittle Jr – Fabulous Reviews and Wonderful Fun

What a brilliant time we had performing DOCTOR DOLITTLE JR at the Goodwood Theatre.

Great houses and very happy audiences.


Well done to the cast who delivered such a delightful musical to a full house at the Goodwood Theatre…. Bravo to all involved. 

(All About Entertainment)


…living proof that the future of amateur theatre in our Arts conscious state is in good hands. Indeed it has a bright and vibrant future.

(Theatre Association of South Australia)


What a fantastic amateur performance in a gorgeous quaint theatre. Fabulous entertainment for little kids.

(Kids in Adelaide)


An extra big ‘shout out’ to the brave and talented, Abby Hall.

On Saturday afternoon, Abby stepped in to play the role of Tommy with less than an hours notice to cover for a fellow student who was sadly too unwell to perform. Abby arrived at the theatre and 5 minutes later she was on stage acting, singing, and dancing in a role that she had seen but had never performed or rehearsed. We are incredibly grateful to Abby for her courage, her teamwork and her passion. The feedback from audience members was incredibly positive. Well done, Abby, you are officially a Theatre Bugs ‘legend’.

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