Joni Combe

Joni founded Theatre Bugs in 1998. She nurtured the business over a period of twenty years. During that time Theatre Bugs grew to become the largest performing arts school for children in South Australia. When Joni sold the business to Michael and Libby in May 2018, they were absolutely thrilled that she accepted the honorary role of Patron. As Patron, Joni remains an advocate, a mentor, and an advisor to the organisation. Her wisdom, experience and ongoing passion for Theatre Bugs is highly valuable and a much appreciated resource.

After twenty years as the Managing Director at Theatre Bugs, Joni is now the proud owner of two new businesses.

GIRL POWER WORKSHOPS provides interactive well-being workshops for girls aged 7 - 12 yrs. These workshops foster a positive mindset, inner confidence and resilience in girls at a young age, before they embark on their teenage years and are exposed to the powerful world of social media.  Workshops are based on positive psychology principles and delivered by way of fun, creative and engaging activities. Girls come away from the workshops knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives and with increased social awareness.

If you are interested in your daughter attending a public workshop or organising a workshop for your school/community group, send Joni a message or visit

BIZ QUEENS is a platform to work with inspiring small business owners and professionals, helping to sharpen productivity, take action and reach new levels in your business and life.

As a biz owner and mother to three young children, Joni understands the challenges many small business owners face. Juggling the needs of family, staff and customers can be a constant battle, consistently trying to operate and think above the crowd can be exhausting and while living the life of an entrepreneur is exhilarating, it can also be a lonely place to play. BIZ QUEENS is committed to supporting you as you face these challenges and take control with a new sense of clarity, focus and balance. The approach is to educate and empower, encouraging you to flourish and see possibilities, not problems. If you are ready to take the first steps towards a more productive, rewarding and successful future, let’s make it happen!

Ask Joni about delivering a free key note presentation at your workplace or or meet for a complimentary chat about your biz. (You can contact Joni by emailing