Sponsor Us!

Why do we need your help?

Providing our students with opportunities to perform in professional theatre venues in front of large audiences is an essential step towards testing learning, building confidence, and celebrating individual team achievements. Hiring the very best theatre venues and continually improving the delivery of high quality costumes, sets, sound and lighting brings with it significant financial challenges. Your support directly helps hundreds of young children with these important and unforgettable experiences. 

Productions and end of term presentations

Each year an estimated 15,000 people attend our diverse range of performances. This includes four major productions in professional theatres, medium productions staged in our own Theatre Bugs Hall and a range of in-house end of term productions across our seven different Adelaide locations: Norwood, Dulwich, Port Adelaide, Unley, Golden Grove, Aberfoyle Park and Aldgate. 

What's in it for you?

Sponsoring Theatre Bugs comes with many benefits for you and your company. Beyond the benefits listed in our Sponsorship Prospectus, you will also build a partnership with a highly respected organisation with a clear focus on preparing young people to live happy and successful lives. Together we can share our commitment in supporting our Adelaide community. 

Please contact if you're interested in viewing our Sponsorship Prospectus and packages available.