Fabulous Discount Offer for Specialist Dance Classes

Hi Friends of Theatre Bugs,

As students have become older and moved into our senior classes or onto other adventures the numbers in our Bust-a-Move and Intermediate Dance classes have reduced.

We’re very keen to rebuild the numbers because these specialised dance classes are an excellent pathway for students who want to improve their all-round musical theatre performance skills.

So, we’ve created a Very Special Offer which provides a fabulous opportunity to try out the classes in Term 2. We’re very confident that students will love these classes and significantly improve their skills while having a bundle of fun along the way. All Students will receive a 50% discount if they attend the following classes during Term 2.


BUST-A-MOVE (all boys 8yrs plus – Hip Hop) This class is held in Norwood on Mondays from 4 – 5 pm.



INTERMEDIATE DANCE (mixed class 9yrs plus – Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop & more) This class is held in Norwood on Mondays from 5 – 6 pm.